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Social media sharing has become a pivotal scope of all the interactions as users have started to engage in a more intuitive way rather than mere text messaging. This has also made it imperative for content publishers to have a more diverse approach and round the clock access to their data in various forms irrespective of any device constraints. Smartphones have also added a new horizon for these content publishers to reach their targeted user base and for users to interact with each other from any location.

Cross Device Support

We at Mobile Programming LLC have been helping our clients encompass on this new horizon of smart data sharing, taking interactions and commutative virtualization to a whole new level. We have been providing exuberant Wowza Media servers to organizations and businesses to help them stream and organise their content onto various platforms ranging from smartphones to tablets.

Enhanced Media Delivery

Wowza has been at the forefront of media streaming service, that allows users as well as businesses to stream live and on-demand video, chat and audio recording across various devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and even 3GPP platforms. We have been delivering highly innovative media streaming services, which has helped deliver an extensive range of video delivery gateways to the organizations.

Backend Media Servers

There is no denying the fact that content sharing has become more interactive and there is a huge emphasis on making your resources available on a range of devices without any constraints. We at Mobile Programming LLC have been helping our client leverage on Wowza Media Server capabilities to have a more proficient content availability.
  • Our main objective is to ensure that the security of the data is maintained and there is no third party manipulation.
  • We have made a range of custom Wowza modules and can optimize the configuration of Wowza Media Server as per the client’s requirement.
  • Our biggest attribute is that we let our client choose multiple player specific encoders which diminishes the hassle of resource sharing.
  • We have well laid down policies and ensure seamless content sharing across different platforms.
  • Our wowza media server services are cost effective and can be scaled as per the requirement of the client.
  • Our proficient developers allow for cross platform streaming capabilities which makes it easy for content publishers to make their content have an extended reach to end users.
  • We have a well trained staff that also gives round the clock 24x7 support services for all your queries.

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