Automobile & Logistics

Collaborative and connected business solutions for automobiles & fast-moving logistics


Leverage telematics data to get meaning out of key performance indicators for fleet management

Connected Car

Assisted-driving technology applications will reduce accidents and lower insurance costs


Explore limitless opportunities of AR with enhanced navigation and geolocation features that adjusts driver’s experience to the real time environmental conditions

Predictive Maintenance

Discover meaningful correlations using predictive data analytics to identify vehicle maintenance issues before they occur


Explore the possibilities of innovative technologies for in-vehicle infotainment

Data Security & Protection

Make vehicles secure from cyber threats by using use technologies that stays a step ahead of cyber criminals

In an age of increasing expectations and complexity, auto and transportation companies require smart digital strategies. Our solutions can help you meet the logistics demands of the future by scaling effectively, while being more reliable, responsive, cost-effective and customer-centric.

We help automotive and logistics companies create a new level of innovation and efficiency across the extended value chain.

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