Machine Learning

Smarter Machines. Better Future.

Leverage Machine Learning today to precisely analyze large volumes of data, understand your customers better, identify loopholes, target your marketing endeavors, and boost revenues. With industry expertise in frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark; and cloud-based machine learning services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS, Mobile Programming offers a wide assortment of tailored solutions which help businesses from various sectors gain real-time insights, predict outcomes, fraud and anomaly detection and accelerate business processes.

How Machine Learning is revolutionizing the
Digital Marketplace

With the ability to replicate cognitive functions of a human brain and analyze huge amounts of data, Machine Learning has a wide-range of applications in various sectors.
Equipped with self-learning algorithms and computational techniques, Machine Learning is being used to accomplish tasks such as building self-driving cars, enhancing our online shopping experience, making web search more effective, providing intuitive healthcare, improving security and risk mitigation using predictive analysis.

Market Driven ML Services

Unlock the true potential of Machine Learning and achieve precision while making important business decisions with the help of our machine learning solutions devised by our Machine Learning Experts and Data Scientists.


Optimize productivity of equipment & machinery via predictive maintenance.


Achieve greater mobility with connected self-driving cars capable of sharing data enabling them to achieve precision and ensure safety.


ML solutions for connected home appliances such as face detection for unlocking doors, controlling thermostats, mood lighting, anomaly detection to prevent burglary, etc.


Innovative ML solutions for smart cities, enabling them to manage traffic better, predict crimes, use energy efficiently, etc.


Integrating machine learning into healthcare facilities enables you to diagnose diseases better, provide personalized treatment, discover new drugs, predict the outbreak of epidemics, etc.


With the use of machine learning, organizations operating in the banking/finance domain can combat fraud by analyzing huge amounts of transactional data and identifying unusual behavior.


Using computational techniques to analyze natural language, synthesize human utterances, and provide relevant output in form of speech or text.

  • Speech Recognition
  • Language Translator
  • Chatbots
  • Speech-to-Speech Translation

Identifying irregularities, unexpected items, or events which do not comply with the conventional pattern to detect frauds and reduce transactional risks.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Event Detection in Sensor Networks
  • Detecting Ecosystem Disturbances

Analyze user behavior to feed them the most relevant results and suggestions based on their past transactions.

  • Product Search
  • Product Recommendations and Promotions
  • Trend Forecasting and Analytics

Enabling machines to learn certain properties from a training dataset and harness the power of Big Data to predict adverse outcomes or potential catastrophes.

  • Future Trends, Bubbles, and Crashes
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Self-driven Cars
  • Robotics
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