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Logistic management has become a pivotal scope of all business in order to enhance productivity. Moving people or shipment - transcending through air, land and seas, then accessing your real-time data is of huge significance. Follow the key to success and tap into transportation and logistics solutions by Mobile Programming LLC. We come forward with seamless techniques of Package Tracking, Route Planning and Customer Convenience that enable you to track better and achieve flawless transition.

Mobile Tracking

We blend together ramifications from Delivery/ Pickup Management System, Fleet Management System and GPS (Global Positioning System) Based Tracking System designed for the most stringent work-space. An intuitive network management interface is provided that caters to consolidated web user interface thereby yielding instant monitoring and feedback on the status of devices and quality of transmission line.

Customer Care Applications

Mobile Programming LLC comes with its own skyrocketing applications of Bar-code scanning, Signature Recognition and Mobile Boarding Pass. This takes care of the fact that transportation is carried under tight scrutiny and adherence. Diversifications in wireless technologies gives us edge over others in creating dynamic, mobile logistics environments.

Mobile Enabled Operations

Due to ever increasing requirements of managing real-time information, businesses are already facing technological challenges while operating over huge network of infrastructure in transmission and distribution utilities. We replenish you with our high sourced expertise in Cargo Placement, Mobile Airport Solutions and Line Busting Apps.
  • Saturated reasoning on the investment required to make in mobility of business and factors that cater to your company's concerns.
  • Integrated enterprise opportunities for B2C (Business to Customer) and B2E (Business to Employee) and rendering industry based best solutions.
  • Elaborate business architecture and required road map to help build you better.
  • Resource utilization to maximum, on least possible cost of investment.
  • Statement of mobility conversion from SOS to required conducive outcome.
Mobile Programming LLC aids Transportation and Logistics companies elevate their efficiency of operations with end-to-end offerings in mobility exchange. We satiate your corporate needs. We decelerate your operational errors significantly.

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