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NFC (near field communication) enables contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets. Waving the smartphone over NFC compatible device, sends information without having to touch the devices or pairing them up via connection. Mobile Programming LLC has been pioneer in this technology, knowing the buzz it will create in coming few years. We have showcased our ability in this arena by developing apps ranging from photo sharing to health monitoring applications. Our diverse area of expertise in the field of NFC Application development comprises of Data Transfer, Mobile Payments, Access Card, Mobile Management Solutions, E-Commerce and Social Media.

Mobile Payments

Data transfer has become easy, convenient and sophisticated due to ongoing progress in development of Near field communication. File sharing has not just become faster but also more secure. Because file transaction can occur only when two devices are at very close range, piracy and theft of information is no more of an issue. Our services in this area rank industry best and we are forging ahead specialized ways of mobile payments.

Mobile Management Solutions

We are extensively working on NFC tags that eliminates need to access car through keys or transit fares. Our development teams are also working on management solutions that can be used in product tracking as well as inventory management.

Social Media

Advertising will get simplified and catchy if NFC technology is implemented by the companies sooner. By just waving over a poster, user will gather information about a product. Our team at Mobile Programming LLC, works for establishments, so that NFC tags can be deployed, to automatically enable secure check-ins.
  • Perform multiple transactions with a single tap using NFC enabled mobile phones.
  • Aid in identifying consumer's physical location, hence enjoying a highly targeted and personalized retail experience.
  • By tapping NFC-regulated phones, users can instantly load coupons and discount vouchers and tickets.
Being safer and user oriented, NFC has already affected our modes of communication. Mobile Programming LLC will lead you in this fast-pacing environment, by delivering rapid mass deployment of mobile payments and other contactless utilities.

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