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HTML5 is employed by most of the web developers to create highly intuitive web pages without the need of any third party plugins. We at Mobile Programming LLC, have been engaged in HTML5 development, and have worked on a range of project for our Clients. We have been deploying Kendo UI for all HTML5 development, which is a compressive HTML5 / JavaScript framework for modern web and mobile app development.

Responsive UI

The advent of HTML5 has most definitely revolutionized the web and given it an added layer of intuitiveness and interactivity. Gone are the days, when the web pages used to portray static pages consisting of text and images. Moreover, in order to give them a more dynamic look, web developers used to induce heavy plugins that would make it resource hog. Our Kendo solutions are highly optimized to enable minimal resource dependence and maximum performance.


We have been using Kendo to build responsive design web pages, as well as mobile applications. It enhances the overall workflow that has been demonizing the developers for a long time. Kendo simplifies the overall use of JavaScript libraries as well as plugins. It has rich jQuery-based widgets with a simple programming interface. It not only makes the workflow easy to implement but also ensures that there is enhanced backend synchronization.

Web Development

Web Pages have come a long way and we at Mobile Programming LLC have been building on new resources and technologies to give a more diverse sphere to our clients. We have been involved in developing mobile web as well as applications by leveraging on the collaborative power of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3, and using Kendo.
  • We employ a simple and consistent programming interface that results in responsiveness but low on resources.
  • Our Kendo implementation has a viable data source for easy backend synchronization.
  • We have a MVVM framework and validation criteria put in place for enhanced security.
  • We emphasize on a universal UI across a range of devices as well as platforms ranging from browser to mobile applications.
  • Use of rich widgets for enhancing the overlook of the webpage and give it extra intuitiveness.
  • We can upscale and downscale the overall project as per the requirements of the client.
  • Our proficiency and laid down methodology makes us an ideal choice for all HTML5 related queries.
  • We ensure timely as well as cost effective development process that can be customized as per the requirement.

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