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Mobility Moves Beyond Touch, Now Just Blink With Google Glass

Connecting Healthcare Services
For Optimized Care

Surgeons can use glass to give a POV to other doctors for their advice on the operation in real time

Never Get
Lost Again

Users can easily find location or routes via Google maps by using voice commands & superimpose information over real-world happenings

Capture Those Precious
Moments Instantaneously

Easily capture images as well as videos of your loved ones & never miss a moment you desire

Just A Blink Away

Integration of Glass with Google Now allows users to have relevant information in real time that matter to them

A Shopping Companion
Like Never Before

Google Glass could be used as a shopping companion to show various prices as well as deals & also present augmented reality while walking into a retail app store

  • Increased Efficiency & Accuracy Of Health Care Professional

    Doctors can easily scan barcodes to get all the healthcare details of the patients

  • Designed & Developed For Those Who Love To Travel

    Glass can be used to process check-ins & provide passengers with information about their flight, as well as details of the weather & suggested activities at their destination

  • Real Time Translator

    With Google Now integration users would be able to translate any desired language in real time

  • Optimized Retailed Services For Better Consumer Experience

    Employees can easily read bar code scanners to distinguish the inventory & sort various products

  • Enterprises

    Real time information segregation that would help corporates make quick decisions

  • Gaming

    Head Mounted display to redefine gaming & bring forth & intuitive user experience

  • Sales & Marketing

    Data driven productivity increase for sales & marketing executives by offering data analysis & number crunching in real time

  • E Learning

    Teachers & students to benefit from anytime anywhere access of information leading to seamless learning

  • Sports

    A boon for athletes into various sporting events like Golf & Racing to have an overview of surroundings

  • Augmented reality at its best

    Although there have been many applications for smartphones that depict augmented reality, Google glass takes it to the next level with on screen viewing

Why Mobile Programming?

We at Mobile Programming LLC have been making substantial ground in providing mobility solutions & services for wearable technology. We understand the essence of wearables & the applicability of Google Glass in various sectors to offer personalized solutions. Our robust development skills & expertise in android development for a larger part of the decade gives us a niche in this new crop of wearable technology. Our aim is to build a highly intuitive experience for the end user as well as businesses.

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