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What is the cost of a Typical Mobile App?

Depending on the type of the App the cost of developing a custom mobile application may vary significantly. A basic iPhone App with typical functionality for a small/midsized firm ranges from $5000 - $12000, with a two-three month timeframe from concept to delivery. However more complex Apps that interface with external components and include in-app purchases may take longer to develop and have an incremental cost.

Enterprise Apps typically range from $100,000 and above, and typically have a longer timeframe. Also enterprise clients and corporate typically develop a suite of applications targeted at disparate audiences ranging from App that are used internally to increase business productivity, to Market Apps that allow Enterprise customers to better connect with them and leverage their business solutions.

Mobile Programming is on the preferred vendor list for several fortune 500s and Enterpose clients, and currently provides the most cost effective solution and quality solutions for Enterprise Apps in both iPhone and Android platform.

Do I need a Mobile App?

The short answer is yes, if you are looking at long term solutions, maintaining a competitive edge in your industry and for continued business growth. The iPhone platform and smart phones have dramatically changed the way we do business, connect with each other and interact with the world around us.

A mobile App platform is very different from simply having a company website. A Mobile App allows your customers and users to interact with you and your business on the go, and allows users of the business to interact.

Mobile Programming LLC has worked with several small/mid sized firms that have recognized the value in being early to the market on this new technological innovation, and have helped them monetize on their ideas and help them increase business productivity.

As an Enterprise firm what is the advantage of choosing Mobile Programming versus an in-house development?

While web applications have been around for over a decade and the enterprise resource pool for web applications is fairly well established, Mobile programming and Smartphone technology is relatively new and evolving. It is typically difficult for Enterprise clients to adapt quickly to this rapidly changing and evolving technology without investing significant effort and time building this core expertise.

Mobile Programming LLC already has a strong resource pool well versed in the mobile technology and app creation for iPhone, Android and windows mobile programming. This combined with our extensive experience in engaging and interacting with Enterprise clients, and understanding their business process to develop custom enterprise Apps, makes Mobile programming a perfect fit for your Enterprise Mobile App needs.

Are there various policies in place to protect confidential and proprietary Data?

We do not permit the use of Confidential Information in any manner or for any purpose other than performance of services. We limit access to Confidential Information to personnel who need to know such information in connection with their performance of service. We have enabled covered entities to audit and manage access to secured data from breach and abuse, and streamline it with all applicable compliance processes.

What is the disaster recovery plan in case of an emergency?

The plan has been developed to allow for Continuity of Business operations at a minimum level within Mobile Programming LLC facilities in New York and California in the event of an emergency. This plan is based on a "team concept" recovery methodology, meaning all recovery actions would be the responsibility of designated teams. Each team will follow specific instructions for individual sections of the plan. Each team will consist of team leaders, alternates, and members.

How is testing phase incorporated for implementation of recovery plan?

The response to each threat situations is tested periodically to assess the preparedness of the organization to execute the recovery plans. Some of the threats that occur frequently, are tested in due course of business, hence are not tested specifically. Others however, require testing and for them a disaster scenario is assumed and the team representatives "walk through" the recovery actions checking for errors or omissions. Persons involved in the test include the Recovery Management Coordinator and members of various recovery teams.

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