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Social networking has become a part of the daily lives for all the users. Having an online presence along with real time information sharing capabilities is the need of the hour. This vital bridge of communication is in fact the most easiest way to connect two users,organizations and enterprises have taken cognizance of this fact that their brand presence can be amplified via social networking. We at Mobile programming understand the importance of social networking platforms like Facebook, which is why we emphasize on integrating its tools into our applications.

User Engagement

We offer our client an easy way to stay connected with their targeted audience. There is no denying the fact that facebook is known as the center-stage of social media. With over a billion users, it has a far greater reach than any other platform. This is why it is an important tool from marketing point of view. By connecting with the consumer base, enterprises can have a more personalized view of their preferences which can result in better products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Over the years we have been a pioneer in various aspects of social media marketing and helping our clients take the most out of it. We have a good track record of creating highly impeccable applications that have facebook integration. We are committed to bring the best of facebook services to our clients, so that they can have an easy connect with their end users.

Facebook API

Our developers as well as designer work in accordance to the requirements of the clients and have ample knowledge of Facebook APIs, that makes them an ideal choice for all facebook related services and tools. Our main aim towards social media marketing is to create services for our clients which they can user to leverage and improve their core business workflow.

What we offer

  • Viral Marketing applications.
  • Events based applications.
  • Guaranteed listing in Facebook application directories.
  • Daily engagement that provides remarkable user growth.
  • Modified campaigns for brand impersonation, data congregation, or transactions.
  • Facebook application development.
  • Maintenance of facebook apps.
  • Facebook game development.
  • Facebook widget development.
  • Facebook Mobile Apps.
  • Facebook Connect Integration.
  • Viral Marketing applications.

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