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Internet has evolved to become a highly interactive ecosystem of information sharing with the help of HTML5. With mobility coming into the picture, HTML5 played an important role in creating responsive and intuitive web pages. Moreover, it also enabled the rise of web applications along with cross platform application support. We at Mobile Programming LLC, have varied experience and well-honed skills for delivering immersive HTML5 applications on a range of platforms. Our core proficiency is to design and develop web based applications that offer native experience along with easy customizability.

Cross Platform Services:

We have HTML5 domain expertise in using PhoneGap, Sencha and other HTML5 wrapper to customize the HTML5 App for different Mobile Platforms such as Blackberry. Android, iPhone and Windows Mobiles supporting a range of features. We understand the importance of having a multi-platform presence , which is why we focus on delivering HTML5 based mobility solutions that are rich in quality and low on cost.

Hybrid Solutions

HTML5 applications are known to have a degradation in performance as compared to native applications. This is why, we offer hybrid solutions that incorporate core feature of a platform acting as a native application, but have the flexibility to migrate to other platforms. Our developers as well as designers have vast expertise in creating impeccable hybrid mobile applications covering all possible peculiarities of mobile web app development.

Fluidic Design UX

As more and more devices come into existence ranging from smartphones and tablets, it has become imperative to have a holistic view about the overall design language. User engagement is the crux of all mobility solutions which is why it is imperative to have a singular UI across different devices and platforms. We emphasize on having a responsive design, that users can associate with. This not only makes the overall website highly intuitive but also excels in proficient content sharing. With the changing market dynamics, our robust development skills and creative ideas have helped our clients have an edge in the current market paradigm.
  • We adhere to best practices and standard in mobile app development and follow HTML5 standards.
  • We have developed and deployed a range of HTML5 optimized mobile and web applications.
  • Our innovative approach which assumes analysis and consultancy on project implementation, makes us an ideal choice for HTML5 based development.

Mobile Optimized Website

HTML5 has played a vital role in drafting mobile web in to a much intuitive and responsive ecosystem. We at Mobile Programming LLC, have been creating intuitive websites that usher in simplistic yet interactive UI. We take cognizance of the fact that smaller screen is a vital entity in the current ecosystem which is why enhance its functionality to ensure that it does not pose any hindrance to your online presence.

HTML5 Web Applications

As websites have evolved over the years, they have become a resource hog, with plugins and scripts being incorporated to give a more intuitive experience. But with HTML5, the need for these third party plugins has diminished as it offers much smoother and responsive design. We give special attention to these features which help online brands to create a vibrant ecosystem of web applications that can be accessed from anywhere using a browser.

HTML5 Native Apps

Mobile applications have evolved exponentially over the years. we emphasize on the performance aspect of the mobility solutions which is why our HTML5 applications offer optimal user experience. We also offer on-the-go availability of information anytime and anywhere with rich web-based applications for mobile devices independent of the platform. Our write-once run-anywhere approach helps create hybrid applications with native performance along with cross platform support.

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