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The professional application development in today’s multi platform world has traversed in a big way. We at Mobile programming LLC have been using industry-leading JavaScript frameworks to create highly intuitive and interactive web pages as well as mobile applications. Gone are the days, when mobile web was a collaboration of text and images in the form of a static pages. with the advent of smartphones there has been a huge change in the overall structure of mobile applications as well as mobile web.

Web Applications

HTML5 has seemingly helped create a whole new ecosystem of applications as well as changing the overall dynamics of web. Sencha Touch is a highly intuitive user interface (UI) JavaScript library and a framework, that has been specifically built for the Mobile Web. It incorporates powerful design and coding tools to create a highly responsive web design to support a large number of screen sizes.

Intuitive Design

The combination of Javascript along with Sencha frameworks helps in creating a much intuitive experience for the vend user. We at Mobile Programming LLC have a diverse expertise in creating interactive design elements for native application as well as web applications. Our designer as well as developers work in accordance to the guidelines of the platform, to optimise any application UI. We emphasize on the overall outlook and combine it with highly powerful sencha frameworks to create a design adobe.

Mobile Web

Over the years, We at Mobile Programming LLC have been at forefront to incorporate various development frameworks and tools that have helped us design, develop and deploy highly intuitive HTML5 based mobile applications. Our goal is to enhance the overall outlook of the mobile web as well as applications by providing well-structured and functional aspects of data sharing.
  • Our developers encompass on a more diverse approach towards HTML5 and employ consistent interface along both mobile web and mobile application.
  • We emphasize on security of backend data integration, which is why we incorporate various Sencha modules to enhance overall data integrity.
  • We have a futuristic approach with HTML5-based web application frameworks and leverage upon these standards for all application development requirements.
  • We can scale the project as per the requirement of the client giving extra customizability to the overall project.
  • We ensure timely as well as cost effective development process that can be customized as per the requirement.
  • We employ various modules and SDKs along with high performance, customizable UI component model which results in polished and intuitive user experiences.
  • We have a flexible development strategy built on a robust architecture to make parallel development easy and conducive.

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